I come from a sportive family, I have been practicing sport since the age 3. In January 2006 I started “thai boxing”, I had two free days per week and I was going with my little sister Carlotta, who had already been training for one year. I have to thank her for making me start this sport. Since the begging the gym trainers, Fabio Corelli, Andrea Ronchi and Maurizio Onru, insisted that I started fighting, but I had no intention of doing so. However, during the first gala where I have been invited as spectator, when the first fighter entered the ring I thought: “I also have to enter into it!”. I was excited for everyone who was climbing over those ropes, so in November 2006 I disputed my first match and I have never stopped. I started with kickboxing, in May 2007 I started with K1 and I won the Italian Amateur Championship. In May 2009 I have been asked to fight a Thai Boxing match for the Intercontinental Championship belt, which I accepted and won. In 2009 I started MMA and in May 2010 I got my first experience in this discipline, when I won my first cage match. In January 2010 my first match outside Italy (Canada); I accepted the discipline of Muay Thai Full rules, I lost, but I received the best fighter of the night award.
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